Doug's Backyard Bees

Delicious, Raw, Local Honey from Southern Illinois
About Us

We are a small-scale beekeeping enterprise located in southern Illinois, specifically in Massac County. Our primary focus is on producing high-quality raw honey that is sourced locally. With great care and dedication, we maintain our bee colonies and ensure that they have access to a diverse range of flowers and plants in the surrounding area. This allows us to offer a unique flavor profile in our honey, as it reflects the local flora. Our commitment to sustainable beekeeping practices ensures the well-being of our bees and the preservation of their natural habitat. By supporting our small beekeeping operation, you not only contribute to the local economy but also indulge in the delicious and pure honey that nature has to offer.

Sustainable Beekeeping

We are committed to practicing sustainable beekeeping as a means of protecting and supporting our local bee population. By adopting environmentally-friendly practices, we ensure that our bees have access to a healthy and thriving habitat. We use organic and natural methods in our beekeeping operations, avoiding the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides that could harm the bees or their environment. Our focus is on creating a sustainable balance between our beekeeping activities and the well-being of the bees. We promote biodiversity in our surrounding area, planting diverse flora and providing ample forage for our bees. By doing so, we contribute to the preservation of our local bee population and the vital role they play in our ecosystem.